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Supported by Erasmus + Programme

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Open Digital Europe

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Out of the Box International develops a tailor made open data model and policies based on open digital environment which is transparent, accountable and secured.

Social Businesses

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Out of the Box International works with already existing hubs, various local and national stakeholders and social entrepreneurs in order to further develop and promote successful social entrepreneurship policies and practices.

Solidarity Europe

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Out of the Box International delivers expertise in the field of cohesive policies by using cross-sectorial approach and non-formal  education, in a global perspective.

European Project

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Out of the Box International  works further to enhance current cooperation in South East Europe region and actively supports the integration of all European countries in common European project.

  • ARS (Association for Development and Cooperation)

    ARS is a registered non-profit organization based in Banja Luka, established formally in 2021, but with long-term expertise in an integrated, sustainable and partnership-oriented development approach to projects. By using interdisciplinary research to understand and inform about new opportunities and innovations in the private, public and civil sectors, ARS offers relevant data on macroeconomic trends, cultural context and best practice in the industry to provide our partners with appropriate solutions. Additionally, the association recognizes that many organizations see sustainability as a peripheral activity, unrelated to their core business functions, and it is their mission to help them see the benefits of putting sustainability at the center of business, through projects in different fields. Therefore, the ARS mission is enabling public, private and civil institutions to move towards sustainability through strategy, implementation of projects in their interest spheres, capacity building and human resources development.

    Country: Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Contact: info@arsbl.org and https://arsbl.org/

  • BICC – Sandanski

    Description: Association Business Information and Consulting Centre – Sandanski (BICC – Sandanski) is a non-governmental organisation with more than 20 years of experience in the business and social development, training and mentoring in entrepreneurship, financial consulting and B2B services. BICC – Sandanski is a membership association. Currently, the organisation has 35 active members which include private entrepreneurs, business organisations, SMEs and people related to the business and economic development in the region. Our main operation area covers the region of Southwest Bulgaria, an area with growing economic and social development.  In 2008, we became a part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – a European network that involves more than 600 organisations and 4000 skilled professionals from 40 countries.

    Country: Bulgaria
  • Zagreb University of Applied Science

    Description: Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (Tehničko veleučilište u Zagrebu – TVZ) carries out both undergraduate (level 6 in both Croatian NQF and EQF) and graduate (level 7 in both Croatian NQF and EQF) professional study programmes in the field of technical sciences under the slogan “The art of engineering”. The modular approach to the teaching organization at TVZ and the introduction of the new curricula and courses that provide monitoring of the technological changes is what guaranties the continuity and excellence in professional education and leading position in the region.

    Country: Croatia

    Contact: sergej.lugovic@tvz.hr

  • Peshkar

    Description: We are a UK based charity established in 2000 with a commitment to excellence in participatory arts with practice framed around our brand values of ‘participation,’ ‘inspiration,’ ‘innovation’ and ‘progression.’ We expect participants to be inspired by our innovative policy and practice to the extent that one will progress to a higher level of arts engagement either as a persistent audience member, cultural content producer or emerging artist or arts professional. Our main aims are to advance education for the public benefit through the promotion of arts with particular but not exclusive reference to cross art forms working with young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Country: United Kingdom

    Contact: David@peshkar.co.uk and http://peshkar.co.uk/

  • College of Tourism

    Description: The College of Tourism (Serbia) has been established in 1978 as a high school and has long represented the highest level of education in the hospitality industry of Serbia and the wider region.

    Country: Serbia

    Contact: www.vhs.edu.rs


  • Malta Business Bureau

    Description: Founded in October 1996, the Malta Business Bureau (MBB), is the joint EU-business advisory office of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise, and Industry  and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association.  It is run by the Malta Business Foundation (MBF) – a board of directors, which is made up of six senior officials, nominated in representation of the Malta Chamber and MHRA. The MBF provides strategic direction to the MBB. Over the past twenty years of service, the results have been remarkable, taking into account the requirements of Maltese businesses and the need for a direct channel linking them to the various EU institutions that are responsible to initiate proposals for a number of wide-ranging policies.

    Country: Malta

    Contact: www.mbb.org.mt

  • Mladi Plus

    Description: Mladi Plus is a trade union for students, pupils and unemployed youth (up to 35 years old) and young precarious workers. Mladi Plus protects their rights and interests by aiming to ensure decent work, improve working conditions for precarious workers and spread awareness of the importance of trade-unionism and labour struggle among youth. Mladi Plus are mostly focusing on advocacy, proposals for changed legislation and defending the rights of young people by participating in decision making processes.

    Country: Slovenia

    Contact: tea.jarc@gmail.com

  • Association for Democratic Prosperity – ZID

    Description: Our vision is a Society of equal and responsible citizens oriented towards democracy, social values and the balanced development of community. At the moment,  ADP Zid is one of the most powerful civil society organizations in Montenegro. Today, although young people still remain in the focus of our work on very important programs, ADP Zid  develops programs oriented towards quality of life, development and social responsibility of all stakeholders in the community. All of these programs are based on the principles of non-discrimination, lifelong learning and equal opportunities for all, as well as the values that the organization promotes, such as participation, innovation, creativity, solidarity and activism of citizens, especially young people.

    Country: Montenegro

    Contact: www.zid.org.me  & igor_milosevic@zid.org.me

  • CiviKOs Platform

    CiviKos-logoCiviKos Platform – is a cross-sectoral network of civil society organizations in Kosovo aimed at enabling an environment for formal cooperation between civil society and government sector in Kosovo.  Since its establishment, CiviKos platform has been committed to being a voice of civil society organizations in Kosovo, and create a more favorable environment for civil society-government cooperation.
  • ARC Research and Consultancy

    Country: Malta

    Description: ARC services creative and cultural sectors through practice, production and promotion. We aim to support the development and sustainability of these sectors through collaboration, research, and synergies with local, regional, national and international entities. We collaborate with a network of specialists working on projects including:

    • the setting up, delivering, reviewing and evaluating of funding programmes
    • bid-writing and coordination of EU funded programmes
    • policy and strategy writing
    • event-management

    Contact: www.arcrc.eu , davinia@arcrc.eu



  • European Academy for education and social research

    Country: Ireland

    Description: The European Academy for education and social research is an institution addressed at developing a better Europe through the knowledge sharing and a research based use of the Information and Communication Technologies. The European Academy for education and social Research achieves its education aim through the European Projects Academy. The social research, instead, is conducted through the My Europa platform that is based on the results of a research project of the European Projects Association.

    Contact: elena.lugato@academy-europa.euEuropean Academy_short_ok

  • Het Portaal

    Country: Netherlands

    Description: Running a company or an organisation today is not possible without recognising your social responsibility. Sustainable relationships with your stakeholders are the cornerstone of CSR. Building this kind of connection requires you to communicate in an authentic and transparent way willing to engage in an open dialogue. Dare to listen to your stakeholders and be bold enough to actively find shared goals to achieve in collaboration with them. Using the latest, most efficient tools, Het Portaal builds and maintains the networks and relationships that help you running a sustainable organisation.

    Contact: www.het-portaal.net

  • The League for Education, Culture and Sport

    Country: Romania

    Description: The League for Education, Culture, and Sport is a non-governmental organization created out of the desire of youth to build a better future for the society. Our activities include: trainings, workshops, social theatre, seminars, conferences, round tables, summer and winter camps, festivals, contests. Within “Erasmus+” and other EU programmes, we aim to design and organise different projects, continuously improving the quality of our programmes.

    Contact: www.lecs.ro

  • CALDERA Europe


    Country: Norway

    Description: We are an environmental organization with big ambitions and inexhaustible energy. The name of our organisation originates from the Latin word caldaria, which means “cooking pot”. Thus we strive to “cook and serve” new ideas on how to advocate for sustainability in the most efficient way. Our methodology is mainly based on non-formal education principles where we tend to demystify scientific, artistic, and political languages through projects by gathering scientists, artists, politicians, stakeholders and all other target groups together.

    We strongly support visual media and modern technology as one of the most powerful but also practical means of communication today. Throughout projects and collaborations with our partners, our final goal is to create an easygoing communication that shall be understood and shared by anyone, pointing out problems and needs of modern society, but also possible solutions, when it comes to sustainable development.

    Contacts: bogdan.glogovac@yahoo.com

  • LAB Design and Research Group

    Country: Poland

    Description: LAB Design and Research Group is founded with the aim to create a link between design and technology in an innovative and creative way in order to support the knowledge society strategies in Europe. *LAB’s collective background is based on experience in various design offices and research institutions as well as several institutions of the European Union. *LAB’s main office is currently developing innovative projects on a different scale and themes with the vision of supporting the ongoing development of European citizens towards knowledge society.

    Contact: www.labdrg.eu

  • European Projects Association (EPA)

    Country: Belgium

    Description: European Projects Association (EPA) is politically independent nonprofit organization focused on research and development, innovation and internationalization. The use of innovative information and communication technologies is a distinctive characteristic of this leading cooperation network dedicated to the European projects stakeholders. EPA supports the goals of organizations, experts and individuals with a complete set of ICT tools on My Europa platform and services that foster development, effective implementation and efficient dissemination of EU projects. EPA is a recognized innovative actor at the European level as a point in which knowledge and experience meet to create an ideal multimedia environment for the development of European projects.

    Contact: info@europeanprojects.org , www.europeanprojects.org

  • Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS)

    Country: UK

     Description: IARS is a leading international think-tank with a charitable mission to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer, and more inclusive society. IARS achieves it charitable aims by producing evidence-based solutions to current social problems, evaluating and researching social action, sharing best practices and by supporting young people and the community to shape decision-making. We help organizations to achieve change through the lived experiences of the communities they want to serve.

     Contact: www.iars.org.uk 

  • GAL Molise verso il 2000

    Country: Italy

    Description: Molise verso il 2000  is a local development agency that works to support and promote the economic, social, business and employment sectors in the inland areas of the Molise region in line with the objectives of the European Economic Community, of the Italian republic and regional development plans, provincial and local governments. Organisation is a local platform representing municipalities, non-profit associations and professional associations from the Molise Region.

    Contact: http://moliseversoil2000.it

  • CCE – Gotse Delchev

    Country: Bulgaria
    Objectives of the association:  
    • To unite the efforts of all stakeholders in the cultivation and education of adolescents;
    • To motivate the nation to participate more actively in solving the problems of education;
    • To improve the quality of education in the municipality of Gotse Delchev;
    • To support the implementation of modern forms and methods of training;
    • To uphold the traditions in education;
    • To prepare children for the reality of life;
    • To support the fight against delinquency of minors;
    • To support and develop vocational education;
    • To create opportunities for enriching children’s free time with constructive activities;
    • To mediate the establishment of effective partnerships between parents, teachers, students, institutions;
  • Akson 2020

    Country: Slovenia

    Description: Zavod AKSON 2020 – Inštitut za razvoj družbe (Institute AKSON 2020 – Institute for social development), is a non-profit organisation founded in December 2012. As a think tank, it promotes social changes when solving the issues which arise in the society at the level of cooperation between different generations, and between communities, governmental institutions and the business sector. We are a new institute with fresh ideas, and our founders have gained many years of experience in various organisations, projects and fields. We deal with the issues that slow down social development, and we look for effective solutions. Our projects enable us to present these issues and solutions to the society. We also develop the models that help us resolve issues – models which provide means to achieve change,  especially in the fields of education, politics, climate change, economic changes, and global security.

    Contact: www.akson2020.si , info@akson2020.si ,  borut.cink@gmail.com


  • PRONI Center

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Description: PRONI Center for Youth Development has a vision that all young people have the ability to develop themselves and equal opportunity to contribute to a democratic and just society in which their needs are acknowledged and resolved. Activism, collaboration and understanding among people are an integral part of the democratic and just society. PRONI Center for Youth Development is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, non-partisan youth organization founded in 1998 working on the development of a democratic society through:

    • Protection and promotion of human rights
    • Youth work in the community
    • Social education
    • Peace-Building
    • Inter-sector cooperation
    • Support youth initiatives
    • Promoting EU integration 

    Contact: www.pronibrcko.ba


  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development

    Country: Greece

    Description: The IED is an NGO founded in 2005 with a vision to create an environment that promotes entrepreneurship, research & the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of businesses, establishing long-lasting relationships with the society and the academic community. The primary activities of the IED include, but are not limited to the following: Contribution to the planning and adoption of regional and national policies for economic and social development issues; Undertaking initiatives in the field of research and cooperation; Providing consulting services to disadvantaged groups of the population; Materializing conferences – workshops – seminars; Promotion of economic, cultural and social development; Networking; Conducting studies; Composing and producing electronic and print informative material.

    Contact: www.entre.gr

  • Realisation

    Country: Croatia

    Description: Association “Realization” is a non-governmental, non-profit youth organisation with a registered office located in Zagreb, Croatia. Association “Realization” was founded in October 2008 by a group of experienced youth leaders and youth workers from Zagreb, Croatia. Our main goals are: Strengthening youth initiatives; Encouragement of personal development; Promotion of non-formal education and lifelong learning; Promotion of European citizenship founded on interculturality, democracy, knowledge and dialogue.

    Contact:  ostvarenje@gmail.com

  • Center for Intercultural Dialogue

    Country: Macedonia

    Description: CID is running the youth support system in the Kumanovo municipality known among youth as the “Multi Култи” youth centers. The main aim of these youth centers is to establish ground for sustainable multi ethnic cooperation by fostering intercultural learning and communication among children and young people. In addition, this is made possible by promoting democratic citizenship and fostering active participation of youth within the main decision making processes of the community. Since the establishment of the first “Multi Култи” Youth Center in 2010, a neutral platform was created where youth from different ethnic backgrounds follow joint activities. The youth work offered by CID annually gathers over 2000 beneficiaries.

    Contact: www.cid.mk , ivana.duca@cid.mk 

  • Supernatural

    Country: Serbia

    Description: SUPERNATURAL is one of the leading environmental movements in Serbia. Member of United Nations Global Compact, Slow food, partner of WWF, Friends of the Earth, DC Environmental Network, Europarc federation, Ministry of environment Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade, and other renowned institutions. Our core values are environment, education, and culture. We believe that combining these three values we will achieve true sustainability. Our vision is the creation of a community that deeply understands and feels the environment, which will lead to a society and lifestyle in harmony with Mother Earth.

    Contact: www.supernatural.rs

  • Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı

    Country: Turkey

    Description: Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfi (TOG) was established in December 2002 as a youth NGO. Every year TOG reaches about 30000 young community volunteers and over 800 projects are being implemented by young community volunteers that are the members of 101 TOG youth organisations (mostly organised by university student clubs) and reache out over 300000 people every year. TOG has 2 Youth Centers in Samsun and Istanbul and 3 Coordination Centers in Diyarbakir, Ankara and Izmir. TOG fosters the principles as respect to differences, accountability, transparency, team work, participation of young people.

    Contact: www.tog.org.tr

  • MOJU

    Country: Portugal

    Description: The Association – Movimento Juvenil em Olhão uses the abbreviation MOJU. It was founded on the 16th October, 2007 in Olhão, Portugal. MOJU is a youth association that works at local level, is non-profit making, and independent of all political, syndicalism or religious affiliation. MOJU aims to contribute to the development of a space where young people can express their opinions and participate in decision processes, in an active and sustainable way. We believe that youth involvement in the development of active participation in society is essential to increase the feeling of belonging and to promote a better quality of life of youngsters in their communities.

    Contacts: www.mojuolhao.com

  • The KEY

    Country: Cyprus

    Description: The KEY is an NGO aiming to offer quality services and opportunities for lifelong learning for the community. We are planning to create a community center accessible to all community members with no restriction, where a range of activities will take place such as seminars, workshops, special interest group activities, intergenerational activities, social, cultural and educational events. The organisation seeks to cooperate with local, national, and international organizations for implementing innovative projects.

    Contact: keycyyouth@gmail.com

Why Out of the Box International

The seemingly ever-lasting depression of European economies has shaken the very foundations of many European societies. The shear rate of unemployment in Europe and the omnipresent environmental crisis coupled with the often frustratingly slow process of decision making in the EU, are calling for civil society actors to step in and fill the void.

In the aftermath of the 2008. economic crisis, the apprehension of falling under the spell of apathy of economic depression across the continent has not been easy to shake off. However, pinpointing the culprits for the current state of affairs on any particular EU decision maker is not the answer. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the current approach to the economic and environmental crisis hasn’t yet shown the affected citizens the light at the end of the tunnel.

As representatives of the civil society we feel the need to make our voice heard in the midst of the current debate on economic crisis. Being a social enterprise we offer new and feasible ideas in education and community work, creative cross-sectorial cooperation among different actors and strong networking coalitions to turn these dire economic challenges into possibilities through social entrepreneurship initiatives which aim at benefiting wide range of citizens, particularly vulnerable groups and those affected by the economic crisis.

Social entrepreneurship is a simple concept that has been put into practice by civil society actors for the benefit of a specific social group or people, and this is precisely what we want: to create projects and initiatives with fresh ideas in different policies, educational programs or tools, support businesses, empower cultural initiatives and offer different solutions to individuals, corporate bodies, everybody who believe that we can have more Creative, Innovative and Cohesive Europe.


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