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Open Digital Europe

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Out of the Box International develops a tailor made open data model and policies based on open digital environment which is transparent, accountable and secured.

Social Businesses

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Out of the Box International works with already existing hubs, various local and national stakeholders and social entrepreneurs in order to further develop and promote successful social entrepreneurship policies and practices.

Solidarity Europe

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Out of the Box International delivers expertise in the field of cohesive policies by using cross-sectorial approach and non-formal  education, in a global perspective.

European Project

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Out of the Box International  works further to enhance current cooperation in South East Europe region and actively supports the integration of all European countries in common European project.

When delving into the vast and complex domain of RETAIL, we find ourselves navigating an evolving and intricate landscape. The challenge is not only to comprehend this dynamic industry but also to cultivate a comprehensive disposition of competencies and skills among the younger generation. Skills in retail play a pivotal role in shaping the future of both the industry and the competencies of the younger workforce. As the retail landscape evolves, a diverse set of skills becomes indispensable for success. The ability to navigate digital platforms, understand and implement sustainable practices, and develop resilience in the face of uncertainties are now critical competencies.

The Skills4Retail project endeavors to facilitate a ‘Triple Transition’ encompassing Green, Digital, and Resilience in the Retail sector, guiding retailers to seamlessly integrate e-commerce and establish sustainable business models from their inception. This initiative unites a coalition of 30 partners – non-profits, educators, and private companies, gathering their insights and expertise to drive transformative change in the retail landscape. To measure the pulse of the industry, a comprehensive survey is being developed, aiming to be launched across eight European countries: Romania, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, and Malta. The survey encompasses two distinct dimensions. The first targets retailers, exploring the courses that their employees are ordered to undertake. Simultaneously, the second dimension focuses on Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions, examining the courses they offer to foster a skilled youth workforce for the retail sector.

In the European context, infusing sustainability into the retail industry emerges as a crucial endeavor, transcending professional conduct to become integral to personal development. The adoption of sustainable practices not only aligns with ethical business standards but also fosters a workforce linked to environmental responsibilities. Concurrently, the combination of the Digital and Resilient aspects within the European retail sector holds paramount significance.

Embracing digital innovations ensures operational efficiency, enhances customer experiences, and opens new growth avenues. Paired with resilience, the industry gains the capacity to navigate uncertainties, pivot in response to economic shifts, and effectively withstand disruptions, solidifying a future-ready retail landscape that thrives amid continuous transformation within the European market.

Why Out of the Box International

The seemingly ever-lasting depression of European economies has shaken the very foundations of many European societies. The shear rate of unemployment in Europe and the omnipresent environmental crisis coupled with the often frustratingly slow process of decision making in the EU, are calling for civil society actors to step in and fill the void.

In the aftermath of the 2008. economic crisis, the apprehension of falling under the spell of apathy of economic depression across the continent has not been easy to shake off. However, pinpointing the culprits for the current state of affairs on any particular EU decision maker is not the answer. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the current approach to the economic and environmental crisis hasn’t yet shown the affected citizens the light at the end of the tunnel.

As representatives of the civil society we feel the need to make our voice heard in the midst of the current debate on economic crisis. Being a social enterprise we offer new and feasible ideas in education and community work, creative cross-sectorial cooperation among different actors and strong networking coalitions to turn these dire economic challenges into possibilities through social entrepreneurship initiatives which aim at benefiting wide range of citizens, particularly vulnerable groups and those affected by the economic crisis.

Social entrepreneurship is a simple concept that has been put into practice by civil society actors for the benefit of a specific social group or people, and this is precisely what we want: to create projects and initiatives with fresh ideas in different policies, educational programs or tools, support businesses, empower cultural initiatives and offer different solutions to individuals, corporate bodies, everybody who believe that we can have more Creative, Innovative and Cohesive Europe.


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