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Open Digital Europe

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Out of the Box International develops a tailor made open data model and policies based on open digital environment which is transparent, accountable and secured.

Social Businesses

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Out of the Box International works with already existing hubs, various local and national stakeholders and social entrepreneurs in order to further develop and promote successful social entrepreneurship policies and practices.

Solidarity Europe

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Out of the Box International delivers expertise in the field of cohesive policies by using cross-sectorial approach and non-formal  education, in a global perspective.

European Project

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Out of the Box International  works further to enhance current cooperation in South East Europe region and actively supports the integration of all European countries in common European project.

Out of The Box expert pool has once again gathered to follow up on the Novi Sad meeting, where the preparation for the 2021-2025 strategic plan was launched.

Four working groups covered the topics of Alternative Democracies, Social Cohesion and Solidarity Policies, Economy with Social Mission and Sustainability Incubator.

The possibility to initiate change is recognized as the main motivator for the civil society sector. However the question that the sector faces right now is how to translate what people really want into priorities that would ensure direct democracy, especially with the added complication presented by shrinking civic spaces caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Are local level actions for boosting participation the solution? How can we promote critical thinking and empathy in policy level with democracy models? The first two Working Groups considered the implications and put a solid base for future strategic planning.

Meanwhile, the Economy with Social Mission Working group considered the development and continuation of more entrepreneurial approach. Social entrepreneurship emerged as a good model for reviving slowly dying rural areas; disappointingly, the term itself is still unknown or insufficiently clarified outside the area-specific circles. The inclusion of social entrepreneurship in school curricula and education systems needs act as a step forward within society. Local, community-based initiatives should act as role models for social cohesion development, boosting solidarity and inclusiveness.

The final, Sustainability Working Group considered more abstract yet needed steps for the close future. Sustainability is a term that unites and represents a vast range of ideas and initiatives, from personal footprint to global level impact on the climate and the world. The Working Group fully recognizes the youth-led initiatives for a more sustainable, greener Earth and a diverse range of approaches to be adopted in order to ensure the set goals are being met. From ancient olive tree trimmers to applications that monitor personal footprint and the implementation of SMART cities, the working group has gathered their vast expertise in order to define their idea of sustainability strategy of 2021-2025.

The Working Group meetings serve as an important milestone in the work-in-progress, which is the OTB strategy planning. The resolutions of the working groups will be adapted into separate policy documents that will define the direction of the organisation for years to come.


Why Out of the Box International

The seemingly ever-lasting depression of European economies has shaken the very foundations of many European societies. The shear rate of unemployment in Europe and the omnipresent environmental crisis coupled with the often frustratingly slow process of decision making in the EU, are calling for civil society actors to step in and fill the void.

In the aftermath of the 2008. economic crisis, the apprehension of falling under the spell of apathy of economic depression across the continent has not been easy to shake off. However, pinpointing the culprits for the current state of affairs on any particular EU decision maker is not the answer. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the current approach to the economic and environmental crisis hasn’t yet shown the affected citizens the light at the end of the tunnel.

As representatives of the civil society we feel the need to make our voice heard in the midst of the current debate on economic crisis. Being a social enterprise we offer new and feasible ideas in education and community work, creative cross-sectorial cooperation among different actors and strong networking coalitions to turn these dire economic challenges into possibilities through social entrepreneurship initiatives which aim at benefiting wide range of citizens, particularly vulnerable groups and those affected by the economic crisis.

Social entrepreneurship is a simple concept that has been put into practice by civil society actors for the benefit of a specific social group or people, and this is precisely what we want: to create projects and initiatives with fresh ideas in different policies, educational programs or tools, support businesses, empower cultural initiatives and offer different solutions to individuals, corporate bodies, everybody who believe that we can have more Creative, Innovative and Cohesive Europe.


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